Cancelled Crop ︎
Cassette EP

1. Angel Of The Revolution
2. Cancelled Crop
3. Neoliberalism Will Perish The Diversities Of Agriculture
4. The Juggernaut

Jud Crandall - guitar, bass, voice, saxophone, percussion, keyboard, key chain
Emily Saab - drums, percussion, tambourine
Dan Chamberlain - synthesizer, field recording, percussion
Gillian Dykeman - tambourine

Made by Usse Spring-Summer 2016.

Photography by Jud Crandall.
Graph from Austin Donisan.

Title for 3 taken from the final words of Lee Kyung-hae, a farmer and activist who committed suicide in 2003, during a WTO meeting in Cancun, Mexico, in protest of reduced subsidies to South Korean farmers:

"My warning goes out to the all citizens that human beings are in an endangered situation that uncontrolled multinational corporations and a small number of bit WTO members officials are leading an undesirable globalization of inhuman, environment-distorting, farmer-killing, and undemocratic. It should be stopped immediately otherwise the failed logic of the neo-liberalism will perish the diversities of agriculture and disastrously to all human being."

Extra Final