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ILLEGAL BODIES is a cosmic folk horror serial set on a lunar industrial park in deep space.

ILLEGAL BODIES is also my debut comic work, long overdue after a lifetime reading and drawing.*

Imagine this comic as a serial without an anthology, or a strip without its newspaper. Instead, each episode is printed freestanding, as a series of ashcan mini comics. Traditionally prototype or craft editions, these ashcans will print in limited runs, using single folded sheets of card stock without binding. The comic will also be serialized digitally, with collected editions to follow.

Full disclosure, I am giving myself permission to be flexible as I pursue this new craft. As such, Patreon subscribers only pay as new episodes are released, and I thank you deeply in advance for your imagination, interest and support.

As a descendant of Canadian settlers, I hope to investigate a convergence of creative, personal and political bearings through this effort, and I welcome your company as I find my way with this work.

*Aaand it is also a title inspired by the legendary Simply Saucer’s monstrous song of the same name.