Think of Pulp and Paper as the Extra Final workshop.

If what you see here appeals to you, and you are looking for graphic content, design, layout, print preparation, or creative audio production, this is a space where I can do my work for you.

Since 2013, Pulp and Paper has specialized in album artwork, poster design, digital and paper collage, and illustration. In addition to this, my experience in working in printing, newspaper, broadcasting, and music, has included development of promotional and educational materials, publications, signage, logos, merchandise, copy writing and editing, event planning, fundraising, instruction, broadcasting and podcasting, music composition, production and performance, and more. 

For over 20 years, I have worked with clients, employers and organizations that have included Local 107.3FM, Third Space Gallery, Quality Block Party, Connection Dance Works, [here] Newspaper, The Baron Newspaper, Printing Plus, Print Three, UNBSJ, New Brunswick Black History Society, InterAction School of Performing Arts, Bonfire Communications, and Backstreet Records.

I have created print-ready CD, LP, cassette and paper record artwork and layout, as well as merchandise and promotional design, for such artists as Penny Blacks, Little You Little Me, H. de Heutz, Kylie Fox, Stephen Hero, David R. Elliott, Reagan’s Rayguns, Port City Allstars, December Fall Out, and many, many more.

On top of all this, in my own artistic practices, I have created award winning audio, visual and experiential work, through such efforts as Usse, Wooden Wives, The Organizers, Sir Lord Usurper’s, The Exhortations, and under event banners including Rebellious Jukebox, I Love Livin’ In The Port City, 5 Seconds Of Decision, and Summer Love-In.

And show posters. Seriously, so many posters.