Flowers For S. ︎
Full length digipak CD

1. S779 / Flowers For S.
2. Hegemony
3. Free Speech Apologist Technologies
4. These Days, Spending Is Easy
5. On Vertical Patrol
6. Drones Deliver Blood
7. Imaginative Sympathy / Retreat
8. Sovereignty

Jud Crandall - saxophone, field recording, guitar, voice, organ, percussion, bass, found sound, tuning fork, pedal effects
Emily Saab - drums, percussion, found objects, violin
Stephanie Tierney - bass, percussion, guitar
Nathan Medema - melodica, percussion
Damon Levine - guitar
Adam Mowery - guitar
Pierre Cormier - organ
Indigo Poirier - synthesizer
Mike Watling - percussion
Erin Muir - bass, percussion
Nic Wilson - percussion
Derek Wurts - percussion

Made by Usse 10.17-05.19.
Assembled at S779 in Saint John NB,
on unceded land near the Wolastoq River mouth.
Engineered among various homes and studios.
Mastered by Corey Bonnevie at Monopolized.
Respect to David Murray.

Extra Final