This Old Town’s Filled With Sin ︎
Full length CD

1. Universal Suffrage
2. This Old Town’s Filled With Sin
3. Whydja Hafta Be Behind Glass, Baby?
4. Under Heavy Manners
5. All The Words
6. Preen Scene
7. Mother Mary
8. Stars Of Sun
9. Fasts and Juices
10. Promises Of Green
11. Little Sisters
12. Altar Boys and Choir Girls
13. So Accustomed

Recorded summer 2005.
Additional recording summer 2008.

Jud Crandall - guitar, vocals, organ, percussion
Pierre Cormier - bass, vocals
Alex Keleher - drums, vocals, tambourine
Chris Fudge - percussion, vocals

Recorded and Produced by Chris Fudge and The Organizers.
Album art by Jud Crandall.
Photos by Meghan Lanteigne, Jenn Abbott and Erin Kelly.

Released summer 2008.