Together We make Sense Of Life ︎
Full length cassette album

1. Sense Of Life
2. Scandanavian Style
3. Throw On In
4. In The Neck
5. Adjust The Contrast
6. M’s Lament Breakdown
7. I Don’t Stand Talkin’ In The Wind
8. Copper Cookie Tree Pt. 1
9. Ocean
10. Black Sky or God Willing We Will Take You Out And Smell Your Burining Hair

Pierre Cormier - bass, organ, vocals
Jud Crandall - guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals
Alex Keleher - drums, tambourine, vocals
Adam Mowery - guitar, organ, vocals
Peter MacDonald - guitar

All songs by Wooden Wives except Sense Of Life by LHOs. Produced by Wooden Wives, Winter-Spring, 2011.

Split cassette release with The Lee Harvey Oswalds on Hamburger Tapes.

Released June 2011.